Download SIM Card 1.5 Apk Latest Version

Sim Card Apk is an android app that we will share for today. SIM Card Apk have function to display information and detail of SIM Card inside your android smartphone.

Since initial release, SIM Card Apk has reach version number 1.5. So in other way we will call this app as SIM Card 1.5 Apk.

Since initial release, SIM Card 1.5 Apk has downloaded more than half million times and got rated 4.2 stars from 1098 users in google play store.

Before going to SIM Card Apk download link, maybe you wanna read some detail about this SIM Card 1.5 Apk below :

Download SIM Card 1.5 Apk Latest Version
4.2 from 1098 reviews
SIM Card Apk
Recipe type: Android Apps
Author: Houki San
Simple application to display information about SIM card in your device. It shows also contacts saved on SIM card.
  • SIM card state
  • SIM card serial number
  • SIM card country ISO
  • SIM card operator code
  • SIM card operator name
  • Phone number
  • Phone type
  • Voice mail text ID
  • Voice mail number
  • Phone type
  • Device IMEI
  • Device MEID or ESN
  • Network country ISO
  • Network operator code
  • Network operator name
  • Network type
  1. Press on selected parameter to copy it to clipboard.
  2. In the same way you can copy, share, call and send message to selected number on SIM card.
  3. This application doesn’t support dual SIM.
  4. This is adware version and requires INTERNET permission.

SIM Card Apk Download

After read all detail and features of this android game, now you are ready to download SIM Card Apk. Just click here, and then buy this game legally from play store.

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